Suitable for Stores and workplaces looking to promote hygiene along with business.

Mainly used for Company awareness, branding and hygienic purposes.

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Maintain an hygienic society with a digital hand sanitiser kiosk.

Advertise or communicate with customers or staff while promoting hygienic and preventing cross contamination. Auto Dispense via the built-in IR Sensor, clean, safe & completely touch free to avoid cross infection. Number of Dispensing times can be adjusted

Excellent Sanitiser
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Cloud Based Signage
PCAP Touch Screen
Independent 4G Connection

We cover all aspects of CCTV solution, get in touch today to book an appointment with one of or consultants.

Promote hygiene and keep customers safe

Our digital hand sanitiser kiosks are a new and innovative way to advertise and keep hygiene standards high.

Alcohol Free Sanitiser

SteriZar Foamer solution is an Alcohol Free advanced hand sanitiser that is manufactured to contain one of the fastest acting  germ killing properties.

Being effective within 30 secs and killing 99.999% of bacteria, yet still providing a soft and safe feel to the skin.

Digital Hand Sanitiser Display

The 10 Point Touch Screen offers a safe & sanitised display, ideal for Visitor Management Systems, or online links to the Latest WHO & NHS England websites, or your own websites.

Germs are killed using our approved sanitiser.

Decrease the chance of cross infection and germ spread.

Pay Monthly Options

Pay monthly with our affordable solutions to get started we are here to help small businesses get back on their feet.

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Make it personal

Have your own logo displayed on the digital hand sanitiser stations to complete the look.

Link the kiosk to your website for live updates or interactions with touch screen interface.

Pay Monthly Options

We are supporting local businesses and public alike with our low cost pay monthly options to suit your budget and get your businesses and ideas on the roll.

On Site & Remote Support

For any technical or hardware issues are team are here to provide full support when required. We offer comprehensive remote support and on site call outs.

Prevent Spread Of Germs

Allow customers to feel safe and comfortable in your premises with our digital hand sanitiser kiosk. Brand it your own for a personal touch.

Online & On Site Training

We provide comprehensive training to ensure you are handling your products like a professional and making the most out of your products and solutions.