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Increasing security and the safety of workplaces and homes.

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The latest technology to combat Covid-19 with thermal CCTV solutions.

Covid-19 has caused a global panic and traumatic death toll, while cases seem to be decreasing the important measure will be to stay alert.

Our thermal CCTV solution can detect irregular heat and alert of people with high temperatures to keep staff and public safe and informed.

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Early detection could save lives. Thermal CCTV.

Lock down is easing, people are out more and more however being alert is the key to contain and control the spread, detect it early and stop it in its tracks.

IP Camera Systems

A popular cost effective choice with 360 degree coverage and easy installation.

Some of our IP camera systems come with face detection, intrusion and object based alerts, we have over 100 products contact us for a bespoke solution.

CCTV Solutions that suit your needs

Security of the home and work place is paramount having the right technology can be the difference between breach and prevention.

Crime statistics are always a factor however new security measures to contain viral outbreaks are now a worse threat.

vehicle crime has been reduced by use of CCTV.

convicted criminals are caught by using some form of CCTV.

Door entry cameras

Have more control over human to human interaction with our door camera systems.

Complete with telephonic receiver and mobile integration to interact on the go.

CCTV Monitors & Screens

We have a large selection of CCTV monitors, display and mobile screens for you to take advantage of.

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We are supporting local businesses and public alike with our low cost pay monthly options to suit your budget and get your businesses and ideas on the roll.

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For any technical or hardware issues are team are here to provide full support when required. We offer comprehensive remote support and on site call outs.

Proven To Prevent Crime

CCTV provides a great prevention tool alongside being a invaluable asset to resolving cases and crimes. Using the solution that’s right for you can be well worth it.

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We provide comprehensive training to ensure you are handling your products like a professional and making the most out of your products and solutions.